EBE triple Wall


CGW's triple wall EBE offers decisive competitive and environmental advantages in modern supply chains.

  • An excellent weight to stacking strength ratio, and a gain of 20% in paper weight compared to a conventional double wall board. This in turn makes a significant reduction in the weight of the packaging.
  • A higher proportion of lighter, recycled papers are used to create a very strong board whereas heavy Kraft papers are needed in a standard BC double wall.
  • Reduced board calliper, 5.5mm, (against 7mm for conventional Double Wall) for better transport optimisation.
  • Improving printing / laminating with no flute shadow thanks to the E flute, on both sides. This also means the board is ideal for double sided printing and laminating.
  • Available from stock, by the pallet in 1200 x 1600 sheets, with coated / white reverse for all types of printing, be it digital screen or flexo. Also available in lamination grades.
  • Quick turn round on made to measure sizes subject to a mi order of 3500m2.


Le CGW Long established in sustainable development.

  • WATER : 20 years ago, one of the first paper mills in Europe to work in “closed circuit”. This allows the mill to limit its water consumption strictly to the amount of water required for the production of paper, and more importantly, this means no waste water goes into the environment.
  • ENERGY : from the making of bio-gas, used in the generation of electricity, to co-generation (recovery of steam to produce electricity) CGW thereby reduces its carbon footprint and its impact on the Environment.
  • TRANSPORT : In partnership with its logistics providers, CGW has managed to convert its fleet of trailers to high volume “Mega trailers”, which has enabled them to reduce the no of trucks on the road by 30%.