Our Job : The Factory

CGW: 2 Factories, 4 Corrugators, 300 000 000 m2 of Corrugated sheets per year.

The principal activity of CGW is the manufacture of sheets and rolls of corrugated board to size. 90% of the papers used are produced in our own paper mill. This strategy of vertical integration as well as complete control of manufacturing processes, guarantees a high level of quality and the best performance from our products.

Our business is to produce corrugated sheets in flute profiles ranging from B (3mm), C (4mm), E (1.6mm), F (1.1mm) to G. We also produce a combination of these flutes; BBC, EBE, BC, BE, EE, FE, GE, FG flute profiles.

Our customer base is made up of convertors as well as end usersof corrugated sheets.

A computerised warehouse capable of holding 23,000m2 of finished goods together with a logistical flow of over 100 trucks per day enables us to deliver in 24 - 48 hours.

Our objective: To deliver sheets of corrugated board to our clients, quickly with highest quality and reliability using the following means:


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