Transit Packaging


Market: Sheet for regular cases (0201), Pads, Die-cuts and Divisions.

CGW offers a wide range of quality Board grades, the majority of which are produced by CGW in our own factory and are FSC certified.

Papers Used: Include a range of FSC paper with; flute of 90 to 160 g/m2, test liners of 100 to 220g/m2, Kraft substitutes (KS) of 125 and 185 g/m2 and both white test and white Kraft.

CGW Strengths: 24 hour to 72 hour lead time respectively. Delivered in a full or part loads (contact us for details) and carefully palletised to preserve the quality of the product from 200m2 minimum quantity in grades; BBC, EBE, BC, EB, EE, FE, EG, FG, C, B, E, F, G.


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