Sustainable Development & The Environment

Cartonneries de Gondardennes : Leader in Sustainable Development

The CGW Group has been established in France for over 100 years and has strongly participated in the economic development of Wardrecques where the factory is based. The company has a strong ethos of social responsibility.

The following points are social responsibilities which all contribute to the company ethos :

1. Promotes local employment

The CGW Group is the 2nd Largest employer in the area of Bassin Audomarois

2. Development of Skills

More than 2.5% of payroll is devoted to training. Apprenticeships have been devloped in partnership with the CFA (Saint-Omer) and the school of second chance for the last10 years.

3. Buying locally & sustainably

  • The recycling of waste paper in short circuit,
  • The purchase of chain of custody papers as part of the FSC ® certification,
  • A choice of local suppliers and subcontractors.

4. Reach the goal of "0" zero rejects by 2022.

    • Water: The Wardrecques site has been closed circuit since 1992. There has been no discharge into the river since this date.
    • Air : Our objective is to minimise atmospheric emissions by :

-  Gas turbine co-generation since 1982: A high heat and electrification energy.

-  An energy management plan has been developed in partnership with EDF.

-  The recovered methane from the methaniser is used to reduce our consumption of gas. Reduction of 5% in fossil fuels therefore co2 emissions.

  • Solid wastes: Solid waste from the treatment of waste paper is the subject of a study whereby the waste may be used as a form of fuel. The objective of <0> discharged waste may be achieved.


5. Measuring environmental performance

      • Carbon emissions has been evaluated and an action plan put in place.
      • A life cycle analysis of the recovered material was finalised in 2014