Our Job : the paper mill

Cartonneries de Gondardennes : 1 Mill, 2 machines, 180,000 tonnes of paper for corrugated

Our job is to recycle old papers to make paper. The factory is a major player in the recycled papers sector, since it receives about thirty trucks of waste paper every day. Each year 180,000 tons of recycled paper arrives form the northern half of France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The bales of waste paper are processed by the pulpers which remove all the contaminants (plastic, staples, sand...) as part of the manufacturing process.

Two paper machines 150m in length and 20m high, are used to make a sheet of paper. The addition of starch via the size press gives the sheet greater strength and increases its water resistance properties.

The manufacturing process is managed by a computer system that ensures the uniformity of manufactured products. An automated control bench measures 25 technical characteristics on each mother roll produced. These values are stored in a database. The control of quality and traceability is thus insured.

  • The papers made are fluting, testliners in brown and white, together with kraft substitues in grammages from 90g to 280g/1000m2.
  • The papers produced are an integral part of the production of our corrugated board.

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